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Our mission

We always wanted to create a place where people could just share their ideas, knowlege and tricks. Did you ever wanted to just share some idea on the web, but creating a whole website or preparing a youtube video was too complicated or too expensive?

If yes, then best-advice.net is a place for you! With just a few clicks you can create your own best advice and share it with others.


Follow the tutorials or read advices prepared by other users. You can come across them in any place on the net as we encourage people to share their links with everyone!


Have something to share, or show? Some advice, tutorial or just a neat trick? Build the article with a user-friendly editor, decide what will the link look like and that's it. You are ready to share it with anyone!


Would you like to improove some of the advices or tutorials available on best-advice.net? You can easily post a message to the author or work for us and moderate our articles.